Blutbombette™ PREDATOR ATTRACTOR is an innovative, irresistible attractor for all predatory fresh & saltwater fish.
For the first time it has been possible to develop a long-life attractor having full effect from 30 minutes when spinning, jigging, trolling - up to 2 hours when feeder fishing. It widens the fishing area up to several kilometers! Works perfectly with natural and artificial bait.
Its scientifically conceptualized composition allows the innovative attractant mixture in the Blutbombette™ to optimally stimulate the olfactory system of numerous fish species.
The attractant is enclosed within a tablet guided in the container. The Blutbombette is the perfect choice for all technics of fresh water and saltwater fishing including “big game fishing”, spinning, jigging, vertical jigging, trolling and even feeder fishing.

In combination with the mounting system delivered with the set, the Blutbombette can even be used in waters with strong currents, for spoon-baiting or from a moving boat. 

Let the fish know where you are!


Blutbombette™ CARP ATTRACTOR is a new Blutbombette™ family product, specially created for carp fishing. Attracts all carp family species. The dissolving time of a tablet is up to 2 hours, depending on the water temperature and other conditions. Its special mix of amino acids increases the efficiency of your ground or hook bait and is easy to use. It can be used in all fresh water conditions and with different fishing techniques, i.e., a spod, PVA bag or feeder, etc.
The tablets are harmless to the environment and fully biodegradable.


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